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  • <b>Researchers 3D print lifelike heart valve models</b>

    Researchers 3D print lifelike heart valve models

    These patient-specific organ models, which include 3D-printed soft sensor arrays integrated into the structure, are fabricated using specialized inks and a customized 3D printing process. Such models can be used in preparation for minimally...
  • <b>Laser inversion enables multi-materials 3D printing</b>

    Laser inversion enables multi-materials 3D printing

    "Additive manufacturing is key to economic resilience," say Hod Lipson, James and Sally Scapa Professor of Innovation (Mechanical Engineering). "All of us care about this technology -- it's going to save us. But there's a catch." The catch...
  • <b>New printing process advances 3D capabilities</b>

    New printing process advances 3D capabilities

    Substances such as plastics, metals and wax are used in 3D printers to make products and parts for larger items, as the practice has disrupted the prototyping and manufacturing fields. Products created through the 3D printing of plastics in...
  • <b>Researchers 3D print a working heart pump with real human cells</b>

    Researchers 3D print a working heart pump with real human cells

    The study is published and appears on the cover of Circulation Research , a publication of the American Heart Association. In the past, researchers have tried to 3D print cardiomyocytes, or heart muscle cells, that were derived from what ar...
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